12 - Training 3

The video above shows some of this training in action.

First, we demonstrate how to use stuffed animals to model proper behavior.

We also show "don't touch". The important part of this is the MOOD CHANGE. It's not a loud "no!" It's a stern mood change. Make sure your face changes as well. Kids can read your facial expressions. This all imprints in your kids that this is a "don't touch". And be sure to immediately give them something they CAN touch.

If I haven't stressed this enough:

1)You can’t discipline until you first train. 

2) The first few times your kids do something the right way, go crazy! Get so excited! Engrain in their heart and mind that this behavior makes mommy and daddy and God happy.

Training may not work the first few times. It may take a week or two, but don't give up! They’ll get it.

How is training going for you? What has worked well and what hasn't? Let's help and encourage each other in the comments!

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